Bulk Health Checker Tool

Fortigate SDWAN

ForiGate delivers fast, scalable, and flexible Secure SD-WAN on-premises and in the cloud. Fortinet Secure SD-WAN supports cloud-first, security-sensitive, and global enterprises, as well as the hybrid workforce. Fortinet Secure SDWAN (software-defined wide-area network) solution enables enterprises to transform and secure all WAN edges. Leveraging the Security-driven Networking approach that uses one operating system and one centralized management console, enterprises realize superior user experience, enhanced security posture effectiveness with converged networking and security, and achieve operational continuity and efficiency.


Bulk Health Checker Tool

Bulk Health Checker is a tool which has been created by Devinex developers to help engineers to execute commands and automated check the output for specific values. This is going to automate and speed up the checks that needs to run in each ssh capable device, like Fortigates in SD-WAN project, after various configuration activities or scheduled checks.


For the purpose of remotely checking the health & configuration compliance of a set or cluster of FortiGate devices, a graphical, user-friendly software tool is needed, which will give to the user operator through its GUI the ability to:

  • Define the organization´s FortiGate devices
  • Define how those devices could be checked/monitored for health & compliance to the appropriate configuration/settings/version of the organization
  • Start a health & compliance check campaign, collect and present in an intuitive manner the status of the Fortinet devices

Feature & Benefits

Main feature is the ability to execute multiple commands to multiples FortiGate devices and check the output for specific string values. This can provide information that are used to check configuration, health and compliance changes. The values checking process is using common python scripting which offer to the application a great scalability.

The benefit is that the engineer can run various commands and check the output for specific variables. This can be executed to multiple devices with a single configuration. This can be very useful while trying to confirm configuration changes (after an activity for example) or on schedule get compliance reports.


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